About Us

In Mercalia, we develop software that detects a wide selection of the best values in all assets listed worldwide.

Our software obtains all the best values from each of the markets, and later, user only selects his preferences such as profitability, country, direction, sector...

The software of our proprietary algorithm selects 200.000 companies. The user select companies that suit him or those that will have the most benefit.

Our approach, always logical, methodical and dynamic, makes the software very perfectionist. It allows you to do the monitoring of your money as well as the managing of your risk. With this tool will not allow a small mistake to become a big problem for your pocket.

We are aware of the optimal opportunities that the market offers, and therefore, these must be found. In Mercalia Global Market we are a very large team of computer engineers, which together, we have developed a set of tools that allow you the best investment strategies around the world.

Equipo Mercalia Global Market